Pieter den Besten

Jan Pieter Volkers

Jan Pieter Volkers

Born 1960. Educated in the arts at the Academie Minerva in Groningen, Netherlands.
Fascinated by landscapes and marines, mostly executed in oil and pastel.

Other works are stillives and a divers range of series. Other techniques I use are drawings, etchings and mixed media.

When you're interested in buying a piece it is advised (if possible) to see the work in real before making a final decision.

Commissions on the basis of the works shown here are a possibility, in which you in consultation with the artist state the particulars of the product you would like to be made. The only limitations herein are the skills of the artist: landscapes, marines, buildings, etc. in the before mentioned techniques.


Oil 1

Oil 2

Oil 3

Oil 4

Oil 5

Oil 6

Oil 7

Pastel 1

Pastel 2

Pastel 3

Pastel 4

Pastel 5

Pastel 6

Pastel 7

Pastel 8

Pastel 9

Cow-series 1

Cow-series 2

Cow-series 3

Cow-series 4

Flowers 1

Flowers 2

Flowers 3

Buildings 1

Buildings 2

Buildings 3

Buildings 4

Buildings 5

N228 on the move
On the road

Dog drawings

Music works
Formal information on exhibition history and education is available in digital form.